Momčilo from Prokuplje, small city in the south of Serbia, processes and freezes fruit. Dragiša from Ruma (Western Serbia) grows top-quality cherries, and Marina from Čenta, place in Vojvodina, cultivates the land using a new tractor, purchased through the IPARD program. Petar from Bačka Topola, also in Vojvodina, grows apricots and produces brandy from this fruit, which normally has a very short shelf life after harvest. There is no time for rest and long breaks in their work. In those short breaks, we managed to record them and show the fruits of their labor.

Branko is an actor who, in addition to making movies and TV series, started raising goats and producing goat whey. He gives goats popular names and regularly counts them. He lives and works on the route Belgrade – a village near Valjevo.

“Look, little chickens, let me come in to see them”… but, we are not allowed. Respecting the basics of biosecurity of poultry farming, the owners of chicken farms also consider the possibility that microorganisms can be brought into the farm on shoes, hands or clothes. Food safety and animal husbandry in accordance with European regulations are an important part of this work.

For several years now, no case of rabies has been recorded in Serbia. Thanks to the regular vaccination action (as the throwing of “cookies” with the medicine from the plane is called), this disease, which is mostly transmitted by foxes, has not been recorded in Serbia. The European Union wholeheartedly supports regular actions in the fight against possible wild animal diseases, thus helping farmers, hunters, gamekeepers, veterinarians and all animal keepers in Serbia.

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More than 5 percent of the total agricultural land in Serbia is under orchards. It is currently the most profitable branch of agriculture, which participates in the total value of all agricultural products in Serbia on an annual level, with more than 11 percent.

Production of safe and quality food, while respecting the measures and standards that apply in other areas – is the most important task of agricultural development. For our fields – the EU for agriculture.